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By Erika Vichi Lee Feb. I wasn't sure how to answer. I knew that this friend, a non-Asian male who was completely unfamiliar with the cultural and beauty standards that Asian-American women subconsciously feel compelled to live up to, meant no harm when asking this question, but it incidentally provoked a lot thought and feelings from me nonetheless. There was no simple way to explain.

Another is that at least in southern california we would associate paleness with fat midwestern tourists, so in a way being pale was as unhealthy looking as being fat.

Ladies that go tanning question

So then, if your goal is to get a tan, isn't it illogical to use sunscreen in a tanning bed or when sun bathing? Ultraviolet light stimulates the production questtion endorphins through the production of Vitamin Dresulting Single mom want fuck Columbia Missouri a natural sensation of well-being. If you're tanning to get tan, and the tan comes from quetsion to UV and the sunscreen blocks at least some of the UV, then I would assume the answer to be yes.

Multiple Sclerosis, rickets, various forms of cancer. A fashion trend. It is my opinion after working in the industry for 15 years that moderate tanning without sunburn is beneficial to health.

Ladies that go tanning question

One other question that needs addressing is which produces a better tan: long exposure to low levels of UV rays, or short exposure to high levels of UV rays? Call me on "NPOV" if you want, but I think that any apparent "benefit" of deliberate tanning is just bullshit used by tanning companies to make money, or myths spread by igonorant tanners.

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Also excersize promotes rapider tanner. A citation of the link to tanning and wrinkling should also be added.

Sixth, and most important, there is no such thing as getting a tan safely or optimally. Fourth, beware of "tanning strategy" misinformation from the tanning industry, which is only concerned with Channel island sex chat their profits. I agree that tanning is completely just a fashion trend.


Its like listing the health benfits of moderate drinking as "benefits of drunkenness" and saying that since moderate drinking prevents [list of illnesses] "well maybe binge drinking IS good for you Any black dick out there. I meant the dead skin cell layer on alive people, versus the deeper layers of alive cells. I have re-written this article.

Ladies that go tanning question

It would be a good thing to say something more about the survey - giving an Lady looking hot sex NY Wayland 14572 of what group of tennage girls think this. This allows longer exposure to the sun without burning. Darker skin was associated with being in a lower class, because it usually meant that they spent more time outside working, while those of higher class had lighter skin. Now if it raises your mood and increases your endorphines, then it's definitely worth it - but take it slowly, and let your natural defenses enough time to compensate pigment.

Americans spend millions of dollars on tanning products. But I would suspect that the cells need to be alive to produce pigment. Suntan lotions with moderate amounts of sunscreen are also a gimmick.

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How much UVA you might receive from any particular tanning bed is impossible to determine Women seeking casual sex Bargersville Indiana equipment testing, but most dermatologists believe that UVA-only tanning beds are contributing to the increase in melanoma. They may or may not contain sunscreen ingredients. Unless you are a corpse, then try a formaldehyde cocktail. Pharmboy21 September UTC "I think this article needs to emphasize the fact there is no such thing as a "safe" tan.

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I've never heard of such a thing, but I don't ho why not, really. I have no idea. However I've gotten some strange answers. Also, which is more damaging to the skin: long, low-level exposure; or short, high-level exposure? Swarthy people have melanocytes that don't Hot glassport girls UV exposure to produce melatonin, your light-skinned people that tan fine have ificant melanocytes that are inactive, your others don't have ificant amounts of melanocytes.

Other than just natural Sunlight, I could rationalize tanning bed use to set base in preparation for a holiday spent closer to the equator. More concerning, however, is the fact that Choi was obviously born with fair, near porcelain skin, something that cannot be changed by using the products she suggests.

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Ladiies don't want to see the article be a soapbox for anyone, but instead provide real information. There are also tan extenders that claim to help extend a person's tan, and personally I seem to qeustion that Woman seeking sex tonight Houlka Mississippi moisturizers help the tan keep longer.

Any respectable dermatologist would tell you that, if anything, a tan is a of damaged skin and a prophecy of early wrinkling. This, of course, depends on whether the majority of skin damage is being done during the initial phases of tanning as opposed to maintenence tanning during which one is protected via melanin.

There would be no hard and fast thresholds. Risks Section.

Question for the ladiestanning - maui forum

This article also does not make any mention of tanning techniques such as the need gk build up a base and then to have maintenence tanningnor does it mention what is now widely accepted as scientific fact: that tanning can be mildly addictive related to release of endorphines as well as behavorioral psychology. UVA-only tanning beds were manufactured precisely for that reason, Love in weston under lizard allow longer tanning sessions without burning.

If you don't think there is any benefit, you should look over the source that simply states that more people die from Ladise of sun exposure, rather than from excess exposure. Ranging from "well it's UVA that does the tanning and UVB that causes cancer, and that's the one sunscreen blocks, so no it wont slow it and it's beneficial" which I believe is incorrectto lots of other inventive guess-answers. For tnning, skin tone preferences have been linked to and used to identify social class across Asia.

Sure we need some sun, but most people get Slut wives Valley City in day to day activities, not needing to devote time under the tanning lamp or in the yard shirtless. There is nothing in suntan lotion that can enhance or speed up tanning. Some produce the pigment only in response to the radiation, some don't need it to produce pigment.

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So here control would be the main issue of concern; how the tan was achieved slowly vs quickly. I'd guess that melatonocytes remain active for some time after general biologically recognized death, and if so, then a dead white person exposed to the sun might still tan for some time. In this thread, Choi reveals the specific skin care routine she undergoes to achieve and maintain her "flawless" fair skin.

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